Start Sending One-Click Email Surveys for Greater Feedback

When you ask an insightful question with ClickInsightsIO, you make it fast and easy for someone to respond. They simply click or tap on their answer, right inside your email.


Here's How It Works:

Create Your Survey

Inside ClickInsightsIO, write your multiple-choice question and up to 10 possible responses. Then, select your current email service to send your survey with.

Email Your Survey

Copy and paste your survey into an email that will be sent using your current email service.

For more consistent feedback, automate your email surveys so that you're asking the right people - the right question - at the right time. Learn more

Get Even More Feedback

When someone clicks on their answer, they'll land on your customizable thank you page, where you can ask an open-ended question for more deeper feedback and insights.

Include a call to action to read, download or purchase something, to generate more leads and sales.

Track Results and Find New Insights

Visualize responses in a simple chart, so you can make more informed decisions based upon the survey results.

See individual responses and read their comments, so you know who answered your suvey and who to follow-up with.


Send Your Survey With Your Current Email Service

Know who exactly answered your survey, by pasting it into and sending it from any of these email services:

Use a free email service and get anonymous responses


What Others Are Saying

"It's the easiest 1 minute we've ever spent to see a 41% boost in user reactivation. Not only do we get amazing feedback from our users, but they remember we exist and magically start using our app again."

Ashli N.


Jimmy Daly
Head of Content

"ClickInsightsIO makes surveys easier than ever... One of the best parts is that there are no distractions. The interface is clean and simple."


"Fast, Simple & Easy! It's because of ClickInsightsIO, I was able to get a whooping 30% feedback response from my subscribers!"

Boni Satani
Lead Inbound Marketer


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